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About Training and Certification

By far the largest training agency in the world in diver training is PADI, The "Professional Association of Diving Instructors", with around 70% of the world market. However being the largest training agency does NOT always make for the best!

There are many other agencies and although most people have only heard of PADI many of the other training agencies offer higher training standards and more flexible training options at a wide variety of costs. Also there are state and national federations and Clubs which offer many more benefits than PADI.

See: preferred and recommended training agencies at bottom of page.

List of Diver Training Agencies (Source Wikipedia)

Recreational scuba diving certification agencies

Organisations which publish standards for competence in recreational scuba diving skills and knowledge, and issue certification for divers assessed as competent against these standards by affiliated schools or instructors:

Recreational certification organisations no longer operating

ICoD International Recommended Training Agencies

Our Higher Education partner training agency is:  ITDA Group International Inc. Ltd. for Sports Diving, Technical Diving, Professional Diving, Medical Training and Instructor Training, Occupational Diving etc. etc.  Operating in 46 Countries with regional offices in: UK. Spain. Norway. Malaysia. Singapore. Ireland Egypt and Taiwan.  At present ITDA Group International are our preferred HE Training Partner in: Europe, Scandinavia, Middle East, S.E. Asia and Asia Pacific regions and growing... Contact then at:

We recommend the following Training agenicies in addition to ITDA Group International above...

  • CMAS
  • NAUI
  • SSI
  • PADI
  • SUF
  • BSAC
  • SSAC
  • GUE
  • IDEA
  • ACUC
  • CUA

We are also Interested to work with other agencies and we welcome inquires...

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