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Who should take this level of Higher Education

Any diver who has achevied leadership level (Dive Masters, Dive Cons, Dive Leaders etc.) or anyone who aspires to leadership or Instructor training in the future with any training agency.


This certificate in diving education is "Open Education" and anyone with an interest in teaching diving, instruction or learning more about education in diving may take the program and "Certify".  However this is NOT a training program in Dive Leadership...  See Diving Training Agencies to chose an agency to complete training with if you are looking for certification in dive leadership.

This program is designed for divers who have reached the leadership level as a higher education and preparation for instructor training programs. Prior learning credits maybe applied see: Prior Learning Credits Page

Core Objectives of this Certification Level

  • To offer leadership levels basic teaching theory
  • To offer an introduction to diving instruction
  • To prepare those interested in becoming instructors
  • To introduce a wider International view of the diving industry


HE Certificate in Diving Education. Syllabus and Program Structure below:


Month 1 Unit 1 Weeks 1 & 2
Core Modules
M14 Introduction to Teaching Diving 6hrs
M15 Teaching Vs Instruction 6hrs
M16 Introduction to Skills Training  4hrs
16 hrs
Elective Modules
EM20 Teaching Snorkelling 2hrs
EM21 Training Novice Divers 2hrs
EM22 Entry Level  Equipment 2hrs
EM23 Cold Water Diving 2hrs

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