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ICoDICoD How it Works

Who can qualify?   How Much Does it Cost?   Next Steps to Higher Education? 

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First three (3) stages

Stage 1. Choose the Course Program you are Interested in?

Professional Levels


Stage 2. Choose the Course Program Elective Modules you are Interested in?

  • Choose the Elective module before or after the unit core module (You may also change you mind and drop 1 module for another)


Stage 3. Choose your preferred method of study and assessment

  • Online Learning

  • Distance Learning with an Email assigned personal tutor

  • Attend a Classroom Course with a tutor

  • Assessment Online/Exam - Classroom (Assessment Centre) 


Pay the Appropriate fees for the program see FEES PAYMENT PAGE and the first three (3) Unit Core Modules and your chosen elective will be made available to you as Instant Download Links, with supporting materials in .PDF format.

Prior Learning credits are available for the advanced certificate level and for diploma levels.  See Prior Learning Credits Page

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