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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Question 1, Who can qualify to take the programs?
  2. Question 2, How much does it cost?
  3. Question 3, What is the value of these qualifications?
  4. Question 4, International Standards and Acceptance?
  5. Question 5, Can I change my mind about the Elective Modules?
  6. Question 6, Can I take time to pay, make staged payments to spread the cost?
  7. Question 7, Can I use / apply the knowledge in the real world?.
  8. Question 8, Do I have to crossover agencies or join another association?
  9. Question 9, Next Steps to Higher / Further Education?

Answer 1:

Any divers certified to any level may take our higher education programs. Advanced Divers,Technical Divers and Professionals can obtain prior learning credits for their agency certifications see:  Prior Learning Credits System Page  For Diploma levels you will need to be at a Professional Level (Dive Leader / Dive Master) or currently taking a Leadership level course with an ICoD approved training agency.



Answer 2:

Costs vary based on the Course Program Level with the Certificate in diving from under £200 GBP and the Diploma in Diving from under £350 GBP... Assessment Fees vary from Country to Country from around £45 to £60.00 and Graduation admin from £16.50 Costs include: Learning Core Modules for each unit plus the elective modules, and Workbooks in .PDF. format, Please assignment marking and a personal assigned tutor for mail contact.  All in All Great value for money!



Answer 3:

The overall value of the qualification is hard to quantify but includes: The esteem and recognition of the diving industry for academic acheivement beyond any normal certification level. Plus the benefit of increasing your personal diving knowledge to a much higher level and making you a safer diver.



Answer 4:

International Standards? As no other or equal academic educational programs currently exist, that are training agency independant, we are leading the way with a new higher education in diving, we are working with major training agencies and Colleges and Universities for acceptence and recognition worldwide.  We currently have representation in 40+ Countries and are expanding and growing daily...



Answer 5:

Yes, you can change your mind regarding which elective module you choose but only one (1) change per unit is permitted, and you may choose your elective module before or after the core modules in each unit.  Core Modules may NOT be changed as they are "Required Learning" for the assignments and final exam.



Answer 6:

Yes, we can offer a unique staged payment system with NO Interest and only a small administraion fee which covers the cost of us receiving the funds, normally around €15 to €20 euros. You may take up to 3 months to pay "Certificate Programs" and up to 6 Months to Diploma programs. Modules and Elective Course materials for a month are only available after payment is received. Final Exam and assignment grades are ONLY available when final payment has been received.



Answer 7:

Yes, the knowledge and the application of diving theory is all real world and will complete and enhance your diving skills and safer diving practices.



Answer 8:

No! There are no requirements to change training agencies, "Crossover" or to join any profesional associations. You may of course if you wish join our associate training agency professional body and obtain full recognition for your New Qualifications. Link here below:



Answer 9:

Next Steps to Higher Education and Further Education...  New Future Degree Programs link here!