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Diploma in Scuba DivingICod

The Diploma program is recommended from 6 months to one year and is accepted as year 1 of our New Foundation Course Program, and counts as full credit towards our New Degree Program in Diving.  at one of two levels:  Diving Sciences D.Sci. or Diving Education D.Ed.

The Diploma may follow on from the He Certicate in Diving Program or you may pre-qualify to enter the diploma course program with prior learning credits... We may also accept diving professionals with a high degree of experience and senior level professional certification from any agency.

For Diving Professional we have the Dip.D.Ed. Diploma in Diving Education program.

Dip.D Diploma in Diving

The ICoD Diploma program is designed for those divers who are interested in gaining an International qualifictaion in diving theory, that denotes a higher degree of all round diving knowledge, experience and training. With credits for prior learning and experience / certification level with all major training agencies.

Who is this course program for?

This diploma level is for anyone who would like to take the program and especially for those who wish to progress into a professional career in diving as a diver or as an Instructor, as all of the material covered will be beneficial due to the theory and time limitations on most agencies instructor training programs.

What are the reall benefits?

Apart from the most obvious benefit of incresing your dive theory to a professional entry level and beyond, making you a safer and more competent diver, educated to the highest industry standards, the program is also endorsed by ITDA Group International (International Technical Diving Agency) and would pre-qualify graduates as entry to Resort / Sports Instructor Training Programs, Entry Level Technical Instructor and IHMP CPR and Oxygen First Aid Instructor.

How Can I take this program?

We highly recommend starting with our Certificate in Diving (Program for any divers at any level) or Advanced Certification in diving (For Advanced Divers and Rescue Divers, any agency) with full credits for prior learning.

How long does it take to graduate?

From 3 months to 9 months, it really depends on how much time you can allocate to the program... You may take up to a year or you could complete all of the modules in 3 months...

How much does it cost and how can I pay?

The program may be completed in three modules, with each module taking up to 3 months, with an average study time of 6 to 10 hours per week. You can pay per each three month module, at £249 GBP per module, or you can pay for all three modules (Full Diploma) for just £599 GBP. Saving £148.00 GBP... Pricing is in GBP Pounds...   Discounts are available for full time diving instructors and ITDA Group Members, please mail us for special pricing / discounts...

Includes: All training materials online, education program and Diploma at graduation as e-certificate and also a high quality security printed certificate will be sent to you, along with inclusion in our online "Hall of Fame in Diving Education", currently in development at the ICoD.


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