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Key Points

The International College of Diving was created by diving industry professionals with academic backgrounds.

Our objective is very simple, to make diving safer by offering higher levels of theory training with academic qualifications.

The ICoD vision is to offer anyone from any agency the opportunity to learn more about diving.

Training agencies do a great job in training safe, competent divers, however most dive students are limited by time and training level.  Many want to learn more at an early level in their training but options are limited.

The diving industry needs a Higher Education System that can deliver low-cost high quality education.

We have support from some training agencies and Industry bodies but need support from many more.

As we are agency independant and DO NOT offer traininng and certifications in diving directly, we are NOT in competition for diver training. We offer a higher level of theory qualification ONLY... Not Dive Training!


What a great idea!

Mike from South Coast UK

Long time coming, well done guys...

Steve from Florida

This is really cool, now a qualification in diving...

Ashi from Malaysia

About our team...

Steve has been the driving force behind the ITDA Group International and has been the CEO and Chairman since 2010.  Before that he was the CEO of the ITDA International Technical Diving Agency a British owned and operated training and certification agency, which has been approved by UK HSE since 2005 as a training agency.

During their time in Malaysia (Asia) Steve and Georgina worked as part-time lecturers at TATi University College in Terengganu over a period of three years. A state owned University which offers technical degrees servicing the local Oil and Gas Industry, also automotive and engineering. This gave them both a unique insight into curriculum development and syllabus design.

From this teaching experience they decided at some time in the future to bring higher education to the diving industry meeting needs that have long gone ignored by academia.

Meet the team...

We created the International College of Diving to meet market needs and to offer more "Open Education", covering Dive Industry Theory in: Sports/Recreational Diving, Technical Diving, Specialist Diving, Physics, Physiology, Planning, Equipment, Environment, Conservation, First Aid and Medical Education, Public Safety Diving, Occupational Diving and Teaching,Training Divers. All of our ManagementTeam has extensive knowledge and Experience in Diving and Safety!


Steve Craig-Murray

Professional diving educator with over 30 years of experience, training and certifying diving professionals in 19 Countries.

Also an experienced University lecturer and training design consultant for ITDA Group International.

Steve is well placed to lead this project. View Stephen Murray's profile on LinkedIn


Georgina Craig

Georgina has also been a University lecturer and is an Instructor Trainer for ITDA Group.

With over 10 Years experience in training divers and professionals she brings a female perspective and also admin management experience having been ITDA Group Admin directors for 12 years.


David Craig

David has over 30 years experience in the Fire Service and is our Safety Director and UK HSE liasion manager. He is retired but works on a part-time basis.

Dave is also a Scuba Diver and has a wealth of travel experience and unique understanding of risks and hazards.  Dave is also ex-Military and very affable...